Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Help via Web Chat?

So earlier in this week I noticed that my norton had an red X stop sign display. I went and checked and it turned out they found this trojan they couldn't fix themselves. I went and tried to do it manually ....alas I could not fix it...Then a window option came up.
"Would you like to connect to one of our specialist to assist you with this problem

"Well, yeah.... Imean I paid about $ 70 , so for Norton to avoid this whole virus/ trojan ordeal

I connect and then this chat box appears.... It/She/He was helping me figure out how I can remove this fatal virus
It was so awkward, because I really didn't know if I was actually chatting with an actual person or a computer generated response thing. That chat went on and on asking me questions like: "What country are you from and what language do you prefer?" (that was odd to ask half way into the conversation...in English)It made me think about how technology is really changing how we communicate and our sense of space, time, amd reality.....It was trippy.
We are in this world where we may or may not need the traditional sense of communication and relations....For all we know our sense of intrapersonal relationships will soon be altered into completely something different

Whether or not that something different is good....I do not know, but it has already started.

Just btw ...they asked for $90 to remove the trojan...I said forget that...I just bought another malware program which removed it easily and just for $30.00 plus a free registry cleaner....take that NORTON!!! AH HA

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