Thursday, January 22, 2009

What I carry with me.

I have a stick of gum and I do not know why. I don't, but I knd of do. It feels pretty stale right now, but it doesn't matter since I do not chew gum. I think I have a random stick of gum because I bought a pack last semester to give to other people. It got to the point where I would always be asked, "Hey, do you have gum?" I would tell them I do not really like or chew gum, and then I would always get, "Really? Why?" I have no clue why....why are we all even here? Anywho, it's also like that Friend's episode where Rachel pretended to smoke so she could socialize...I had a pack of gum so I could just blend for a moment...although I hate blending...unless I'm having a fruit smoothie.

I also have forms to declare both of my majors ...again. Supposedly they messed up when I applied the first time. The academic office put me under pre-business, when I am an Economics and Women and Gender Studies major. I also have the forms for the honors program...I hate walking to Milladolor . I don't think I spelled that right... I suck at spelling honestly...2nd grade spelling test....AS=asshhhzzz.

I have crazy amount of highlighters, even though I really give up highlighting anything 1/3 of the ways in. I prefer to use a pen and write main points out. One highlighter is from an IRS program I am doing to become a voluntary tax preparer.

What else is in my laptop laptop and charger. Really no explaination there. I did one time carried my thin spiral notbooks in my laptop bag without my laptop, because I honestly like the look of my laptop carrier. I stopped carrying a purse in college. I decided it got to be too annoying switching my bags to I mean they are just a hassle to carry any ways. Now a days I just bring my wristlet, which is in my laptop bag too. In my wrist let, is me. Me, meaning my wallet, which has all my cards and id's. I love that little card holder of a wallet, it is so small and can easily be fitted into my back pocket. I like putting it in my back pocket, makes me feel cool....unless I'm somewhere "dangerous" then I leave it in my wristlet. I also have my CHAP STICK......Never leave home without it. I am obsessed with any kind of chap sticks...I hate when I lose a stick...I feel naked and incomplete.

I have my last pay stub from 2008. It has my W2 information, and I have to do my taxes soon. Ha-Ha, I'm learning to prepare taxes, but I don't know how to do my soon as I do all that I can do my more year baby!!! No rush though, studying the cycles of recessions the job market will not be stable untill end of 2009 or mid 2010.

Ah, the last thing I see, my head phones. I use my headphones when I do not want my housemates or other people to know what I'm watching or listening to. I do whip them out onin situations when a creepy dude starts staring at me ...I pretend I am listening to music. They also come in handy when its a slow day at the office...I just watch a movie on the's cool answering calls and interacting with guests while I listen to some Radiohead or watch V for Vendetta. Natalie Portman is my role model. Very little, but random things in my laptop bag today, like me, random....A to M or N.

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