Tuesday, February 17, 2009

answers to my fellow blogger's inquiries

1) Space and Palce
Question from :Emily S.
Tuan says consciousness is really a sense of orientation, is there not an agent or a self within, that has the power to shape our orientation, not just be shaped by external conditions?

This is the question I was struggling with as well. It is hard to say. It would be ideal to see oneself as a rational being with the autonomy to control in some way the way we are situated in our reality in thought; but we all know it is not this simple. Truth be told we are a body of irrational thoughts that are molded and infulenced the history and meanig of all that surrounds us. We are taught to see and feel everything as a response to something that has already been instilled in us. Seeing is reading : It is difficult, especially during this time, to disassociate meaning from objects and space and try to view them as nuetral objects that we can impose our own thougts upon. Even our own thoughts are contructed upon something that was built upon earlier than our own exsistence.

2) Of Other Spaces
Question from: Justin D.
Why does space supposedly cause more anxiety in our era than dealing with time?

Space causes more anxiety than time; because it is in space that time is constructed. depending on where you are times can either exist or not. Time can be drawn out or be pass quickly. We, wanting to be rational, want to have some sort of control ouver our environment. With time we try and assert some type of knowledge and power through the constructs of mathematically segmented dvisions of hours, minutes, seconds. In reality, there is no such thing as telling time; but we recieve false comfort from the "control" we have over it. Space causes more anxiety; because we really have no control over how it is constructed in a sense. Space is affected by all aspect of one being, which is in itself a refelection of the space surrounding us. Space is something that can not truely ever be defined as it is something experienced differently by each person. In it even the things we believe we have control over, time, are contorted and remolded.

3) C++
Question from: Jamie Kulger
How has the transformation of clocks reshape our lifestyles?

As I stated in the previous questions, time is but a mere social construct used to put boundaries on something that is limitless. The way we tell time now, in opposition to before, is a reflection of how we are growing even further from nature and reality. Can it be said that without using the concept of time, the Earth has a a natural rhythm: sun rises, sun set. If we listen closed it also has a beat. Before they use to tell time by the sun. then it envolved to us telling time with clocks. After we learned to aodrn ourselves with portable clocks, watches. Now we tell time through our cell phones, TV, computers. As we progress we become more disattatch from what is a natural sense of time as we try to conform everyone into a technologized beat that forces all into the same modes of seconds, minutes, hours, days...

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