Wednesday, February 11, 2009


1)The developement of technology and networks haas allowed globalization to grow at exponential rates, allowing different cultures from around the world access and insight into other cultures and trains of thought. What are the benefits? the dangers?

2)Can it be said that one is first his or her conscious and subconscious, so the first augmentation to oneself is the networks within the pysical body?

3)Living in such a compacted, interconnected, technologized world, how does one sense of self really develope? Are we all just reflections of our surroundings and others, or is there something more to us than the actual pysical sense of being?

4) How can one be in architectural limbo, when everything can be seen as architectural transport?

5)The idea of time is in itself socially and mentally constructed. How does modern technology alter one's perception of time and its reality?

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