Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My experience with the train

I am unable to post this on our actual traffic site for some reason, so I am posting it here. Hopefully, I will get my group mates to post it for me later. I wanted to touch upon the experiment in more detail. The reactions were outlined a bit in my manifesto; but I really wanted to comment more on how it felt these past couple of days. Since posting my poster in the stationm I have recieved calls from friends and classmates who saw the poster and wanted to check if I was in any way in trouble or in harm. They all disclosed that they were in shock when they saw the posters and some even stated that they were about to have a "heart attack." If they didn't see the poster themselves, they called saying that a friend of their, who recognized me as being friends with my friend, told them about it. That was so interesting to me that people, who I didn't necessarily have a direct connection to cared enough to call those I was close to. It was even more interesting to me that people recognized my face even if I was bald in the picture haha.

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