Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Justin and my stalkumentary

Justin decided to join me for my one class.....where we decided to "stalk" three unsuspecting classmates...

Our first attempt at taking a picture failed as our flash accidentally went off; but I was able hide the camera before the class all turned around.

We then decided to use my video camera for a while .....after a while I went back to the camera

It was strange when the class got ready to leave, no one seemed to notice my cameras.....although hidden, I would think at least one person would say something....

Our stalkumentary continued with us following them into a parking lot all the way to another parking garage

In the class room, it was easier to document them without being noticed, because there are so many blind spots and other distractions. The general protocol of having to face forward and pay attention to what was being presented aided as well.

When we got to the parking lot, the space completely changed. We were now in an open area where they would be able to noticed the fact that one or two people were suspiciously following what they were doing. Quite often we had to hide behind cars, pretending that it was our vehicle. When it came to getting to our real car we did a quick jog as I quickly snapped another photo....one smiled

At the other parking garage, we sprang out and knowing this was the end of the trail as they all split, we boldly decided to just go ahead and snap photos openly

the whole time, no one noticed....everyone seemed to be consumed by their own routine.

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